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Draught Proofing : We draught proof sash windows throughout Cheshire, Shropshire, North Wales and Liverpool

A draft proofed sash window

Draft proofing your box sash windows is a quick and easy way to save money and energy by blocking the gaps that let warm air out and cold air in, ensuring that there is still ample ventilation. The energy savings trust states that full draft proofing of sash windows can save an average of £155 per year and from this you could save a further £60 a year by turning your thermostat down as people tend to turn their heating up as they feel colder due to draughts. Another major advantage of having draught proofing restoration or rot repair done is that you only pay 5% vat for this service as opposed to the 20% paid for other services including double glazing.

As sash windows come in different styles we take this in to consideration when we come to the draught proofing of your period windows and ensure a thorough and accurate fit. For example sash windows may require being taken apart and brush strips fitted, the advantages to this apart from energy savings are that it can stop window rattle and improve sound proofing.

Draught Proofing : In historic or listed buildings

We can also help you with draught proofing when dealing with sash windows in historic building particularly with listed buildings as you will find the windows will be of historic interest as the glass was made differently to today’s modern standards and this will need to be preserved, therefore replacement may not be allowed and draught proofing in these circumstances can make living conditions more comfortable.

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When dealing with historic buildings the windows will need to be checked for any repairs and renovation that may be required and this can be a form of draught proofing in its own right. You will probably find although you need some ventilation in older buildings there will be more than required and as professionals in draught proofing we can ensure that you have the right amount of ventilation for the rooms involved. We take special care of rooms where there may be high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens and also rooms which need more ventilation due to open fires or combustibles such as oil or gas burning appliances.

We will look at each individual window and consider how big the gaps are, if we have to take consideration of seasonal changes for expansion and retraction of the material used, and if the draught strip needs to be hidden or match the frame. We use different draught strips depending on the type of sash window.

So why don’t you contact us to see if we can help you feel warmer and save some money.

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